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We are Social Audio Description Collective. We produce high-quality, presentation-ready audio description for projects of all kinds, and we bring a uniquely diverse team to the task.

For anyone unfamiliar, Audio Description (AD) is an optional auxiliary voice track for a film or show, which describes the visuals and plays during breaks in the dialogue and between other crucial sounds. While devised for audience members who are blind or low-vision, ever more people are taking advantage of AD to watch videos while cooking, exercising or doing anything that keeps their eyes from the screen at least some of the time.

Our work and we ourselves reflect the multi-cultural and multi-racial world we all live in. Many of us are POC, Disabled, visually impaired, women, and/or LGBT+.

Our Audio Description has enhanced the accessibility of music videos, trailers and commercials, full length films and still other projects.

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Latest projects.

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