NINA is a short film by Oak Tree Films, a student-run production company in Villanova University’s Social Justice Documentary class. NINA follows a day in the life of the amazing students, teachers, and staff at the Nina School for the Deaf, as they establish a sense of community, prioritize deaf education, and pride themselves in… Continue reading NINA

Think Higher Think College

This video highlights the many things students with intellectual disability love about college: living in the dorm, taking classes that they choose, making friends, eating good food, participating in campus activities, and being independent. Hear from students and faculty from 5 different college campuses around the country about all the ways everyone benefits from students… Continue reading Think Higher Think College


After a horrific encounter with a stranger, two friends, one blind and other deaf, use their senses to defend themselves from a robbery gone wrong. Things aren’t always what they seem. Audio description writer: Kensuke Nakamura. QC: Robert Kingett. Narrator: Barbara Faison. Audio editing: Thomas Reid. Read more about this short horror film by Alyscia Cunningham… Continue reading Senses

Upstream, Downriver

A documentary film by Maggie Burnette Stogner, Director & Producer of American University’s Center for Environmental Filmmaking. Distributed by New Day Films. AD written by Oliver Baker, QC by Nefertiti Matos Olivares, and narrated by Cheryl Green. Audio edited by Thomas Reid. Learn more about the film and upcoming festival and community screenings.