Our Values and Approach

Our values:

We do audio description for the world as it is, not for an idealized world that is race-neutral or apolitical. There is no such thing as objectivity, we all live in society and have biases, prejudices, limitations, and a point of view. We work acknowledging where we come from, both strengths and weaknesses.

We value the human voice in audio description. Human voices are engaging and create a connection with the viewer. The human voice is capable of capturing nuance that a synthesized voice is incapable of.


Our approach

Inclusive audio description. We want the work to reflect the diversity of the content and also the audience. If we’re working on a film that portrays a culture that is not our own, we will make an effort to involve people who can speak to that culture in order to provide the most authentic audio description we can.

Expanded description. We provide high quality extended audio description for your content. Extended description helps alleviate time restrictions found in standard audio description.

Pre-show content. Our team will craft an inclusive pre-show package while working with the artist directly to maintain their vision. Audio description is often limited by the run time of the film. We set the scene and describe the characters, settings, technology, culture, and other visuals that the audience will be encountering. We do this in a way to respect the storytelling and minimize spoilers.

The human touch. Our quality comes from talented and passionate humans. We do not use synthesized voice or automated mixing software. We want the best for our clients.

Meet our passionate team.

We are an inclusive organization. We do not have a hierarchy. Everyone works collectively on decisions. We strive to make our work environment as fulfilling and accessible as possible.

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