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  1. Upstream, Downriver
  2. This Is What the World Looks Like When You’re Gone
  3. Senses pitch video
  4. Superfest Disability Film Festival 2022
  5. Wakanda Forever trailer
  6. Mr Harrigan’s Phone trailer
  7. Storming Caesars Palace
  8. Introduction to the exhibition Monica Ong
  9. New Day Films trailers
  10. Uncharted trailer
  11. Scream 2022 trailer
  12. The Black Phone trailer
  13. Choreopoems “Miscarriage” and “White Shoelaces”
  14. My Disability Roadmap
  15. Hiking 75km on the Tonquin Valley Trail in Alberta Canada
  16. Quarantine Not Quarantined
  17. Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer
  18. Tell me Why game trailer
  19. Disability Justice and violence prevention webinar
  20. Reid my Mind interview
  21. Army of the Dead trailer
  22. Old trailer
  23. Godzilla vs. Kong trailer
  24. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier trailer
  25. How One becomes Sarah Mead Trailer
  26. Loki Trailer
  27. Justice League The Snyder Cut
  28. Promising Young Woman Trailer
  29. News of the World Trailer
  30. Shut-I (Yellow) by Finkel with Audio Description
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