Quarantine Not Quarantined

Public health just got cooler! Graduates Rise’s new single Quarantine Not Quarantined is a pop punk song about the human condition. Guided by Kohlberg’s stages of moral development, it is designed to both entertain and treat the level five moral crisis occurring in the USA over the need to wear face masks in public. Described… Continue reading Quarantine Not Quarantined

Shut-I (Yellow) by Finkel with Audio Description

Audio Description recorded by Caitlin Walsh, written and edited by Kensuke Nakamura. Watch on YouTube FINKEL’s Audio Described music video for their single Shut-I (yellow) off of their EP, Backpack of Snacks. Directed and Animated by Cressa Maeve Beer @beeragon Lead Fabricator: Megan Barbour Character Design: Julia Speller Backgrounds by Carillon Smith Thanks to: Mighty… Continue reading Shut-I (Yellow) by Finkel with Audio Description